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European Commission Exhibit
European Commission Case Study

The European Commission is a part of the European Union responsible for proposing and implementing new laws and conducting day-to-day business for the EU.
The Commission consists of 28 European countries who are represented at each show, each with their own delegate. With booth requirements input coming from so many different representatives, the client needed a “one-stop shop” that could handle all their service needs as well as create an inviting space to showcase products that would work well for all representatives of the Commission. 

The Expo Group became a Single Source Solution® by creating an engagement space that worked well for each representative by: 

  • •  providing a custom 40 foot long charging table with rotational seating
  • •  utilizing individual country flags and signs indicating each unique delegate location
  • •  creating large presentation areas with twin 16 foot beMatrix walls showcasing both graphics and large 52" monitors
  • •  additional seating for engagement opportunities

Take a closer look by downloading the full case study. Case Study​

NRF is the world's largest retail trade association representing retailers of all types from the US and around the world. is their annual e-commerce conference that delivers insights into the future of the digital retail industry.

To meet NRF's objective of driving greater attendee engagement, The Expo Group created a seamless experience to match the level of reinvention and transformation happening across the entire event.

  • Innovative and unexpected floor plan design created levels of connection and engagement
  • Optimized dwell time by moving event, keynotes, expo floor, and sessions to one place
  • Outdoor garden experience brought indoors with sponsored space to encourage connections ​

Take a closer look by downloading the full case study. ​

Innovating A Worldwide Leader

Heat and Control is a worldwide leader in food-processing equipment manufacturing with production centers in the United States, Mexico, China, Australia and South Africa. With so many products to showcase, the company turned to The Expo Group to provide a new way to energize their space on the show floor and reduce costs without sacrificing attendee interactivity. ​

The Expo Group worked with Heat and Control to create an open floor plan that relied on both physical machinery and digital interaction to create engagement in their booth. An assortment of amenities created a fresh modern look including:​

  • Digital touch screens​ showing how to work the machinery
  • Private conference area​ for one-on-one meetings
  • Large storage room​ for additional product materials
  • Multiple comfortable seating to relax and recharge ​
  • 16-foot arch with large 3-d signage for higher visibility.

Take a closer look at how we helped Heat and Control by downloading the full case study. ​

Gators go greater

Established in 1853, the University of Florida has a long history of leading research and fundraising efforts to make a difference in Florida and around the world. Level5 partnered with the university to launch their 4th comprehensive campaign, “Go Greater” with a goal of $3 billion. Our team of experienced strategists, designers and producers developed and designed a production that included creative messaging, media creation and full production staging to educate and excite the audience.


  • Recognize the achievements and leadership of the past three UF campaigns
  • Celebrate the growth and improved ranking of UF academically, not merely athletically
  • Highlight UF’s growing reputation in the fields of the environment, health, innovation
  • Expand typical donor base by including members of the Gainesville community, alumni, students and faculty


  • Designed “Reflections”, a dinner event the night before the campaign launch to recognize leadership of previous three campaigns, featuring Malcolm Getz — actor, broadway performer, and current UF professor
  • Produced launch event for audience of 3000 in UF’s basketball arena the O’Connell Center
  • Large format projection technology took audience under the sea and inside the “Tree of Life” highlighting UF’s preeminence in Environmental Sciences
  • Introduced audience to Nate Farrell, Gainesville resident and UF Health Center patient whose life was saved due to innovations made on campus
With I, anything is possible

The mission? Kick off the most ambitious campaign in the history of the University of Illinois with an inspiring and memorable live event that leaves audiences proud, excited and committed. Our goals included engaging and inspiring 


  • Create a “community-wide” event to include not only top donors but also alumni, students, faculty, staff and local Champaign-Urbana residents
  • Change perception about the university and it’s progress during the past 10 years of leadership changes, political uncertainty and scandals
  • Highlight legacy of innovation at the core of the University as the proof point for future achievements dependent on support
  • Distill numerous stories from across campus into a manageable program 
  • Design additional touch points around campus to launch the event and plan for regional events to engage loyal Illini around the country


  • Produced the “With I” event for 3000 in State Farm Center and converted the venue so attendees would experience it like never before
  • Interviewed numerous constituents across campus to identify appropriate interdisciplinary stories to share at the event
  • Partnered with Advancement Marketing team to also create an on-line resource, “Storied” to live on post-event
  • Selected, cast, choreographed and composed music and dance numbers featuring undergraduate and graduate students, professors and alumni to highlight intersections of study
  • Designed “festival on the quad” during lunch time on campus to raise awareness of the campaign among students and faculty
Stream Case Study​​

For 7 years, energy provider Stream has been hosting the annual Ignition event, an “energetic”, sales-driving, educational conference for thousands of independent sales associates. But this year, Stream had a number of new home-based products to introduce and limited time to provide expert training. The Expo Group helped Stream realize their vision by:

  • Creating a “Connected Home” that faithfully reproduced different living areas where products could be shown and sold in their natural environment
  • Developing a professional look and feel to the conference with life-sized social media props, an open-air bookstore and passionate branding throughout the building.
  • Reinforcing the benefits of being a Stream attendee by delivering a You Had To Be There Event.

Take a closer look at how we did that here by downloading the full case study. ​

PWX Case Study

120-year-old show​
5,000 attendees/100 sessions​

Our redesign of APWA’s PWX show featured:
Renaming the show - Rebranded as PWX
The HUB – located just outside the exhibit floor entrance, a welcoming, people-friendly community space specifically designed to encourage face-to-face sharing and easy wayfinding 
Fireplaces with relaxed seating encouraged attendees to take a break and relax around a conversation piece 
An improved open-air bookstore layout catered to the curious attendees ready to spend money on the latest publications and new PWX merchandise 
Digital schedule boards allowed for last-minute agenda changes 
Bite-sized educational sessions in the Innovation Station dispensed new tools and resources in easily-digested learning nuggets 

Attendee tracking and measurement 
Provided APWA with beacon technology to measure attendee engagement and help APWA create a better experience for their members this year and in the future.

Ignite the pride

Each year, Stream’s Ignition event brings together the company’s best and brightest to educate, motivate and celebrate.  As part of The Expo Group’s single source proposition, LEVEL5 delivered high impact audience engagement solutions to connect with Stream’s associates and showcase the brand.


  • Create an immersive experience that highlights speakers along with the brand and creates energy
  • Provide a new level of personal experience during the main keynote
  • Accommodate associate demand for more brand products
  • Update the final night into a unique experience


  • Created a unique lighted 25 foot circular stage featuring the Stream logo along with a 60 foot wide screen IMAG that enhanced each speaker’s presentation
  • Introduced X-Stream CAM that focused on individual associates framed with fun tags and provided a live twitter wall in between speakers
  • The expanded Stream Bookstore became the hub on the show floor as demand for more branded apparel and products became apparent leading up to the event
  • Party night became “Stream in Wonderland”  — a nod to the magical place where anything can happen as associates paid tribute to the treasured children’s tale and made the night truly one to remember

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