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We’ll work with you to design, develop and deploy shows aimed at growing your attendee, exhibitor and sponsorship revenue:

Growth-Focused Experience Design

We’ll invest in growing your revenue from attendees, exhibitors and sponsors by purposefully designing events that do just that.  

Enable Affordable Innovation

We’ll enable you to affordably innovate by sharing the financial risk of trying new technological approaches to better engage all your key audiences.

We’ll Work How You Work

We’ll invest in learning how you work best – delivering a personalized show and exhibitor experience, unique to each of our customer’s goals, objectives and organizations.


Show Services


We’ll make sure your show meets both your brand and business objectives​


We’ll design an show that Attracts, Engages, Immerses and Rewards your visitors​


From venue selections and managing your expo floor, to selling out your booth space and creating sponsorship opportunities, we've got you covered

Supply Chain

By managing the entire exhibitor supply chain, The Expo Group makes life easier for exhibitors, and show managers reap the rewards from our patented process​​


We’ll provide you with the best engagement technologies needed to connect and convert your audiences: AR, VR, Touchscreens/walls, gesture-based and more​​


Our suite of technology tools ensures the most effective and efficient show design, development and deployment experience


Our 4-step approach will create a unique, compelling and memorable brand for your event​


We will bring your show to life with the best video, lighting and sound design and technology solutions​​


Continuously-improving show experiences is the goal – so we’ll capture and analyze visitor data to recommend how to best engage your audiences​

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We'll invest in growing your revenue by delivering an ever-improving show experience to attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and you.

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