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Your Exhibit

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Delivering a unique, memorable and measurable brand experience in the face-to- face environment requires a thoughtful approach, combining strategy, design, content, technology and production to ensure your exhibit Attracts, Immerses, Engages and Rewards attendees. The Expo Group delivers these experiences whether your needs require a custom exhibit or a flexible, effective rental program.

Exhibit Services


We’ll make sure your exhibit meets both your brand and business objectives


We’ll design an exhibit that Attracts, Engages, Immerses and Rewards your visitors​​


We can provide you with whatever exhibit configuration you need – from a custom design to a range of rental options


We’ll provide you with the best engagement technologies needed to connect and convert your audiences: AR, VR, Touchscreens/walls, gesture-based and more​


Our teams will deliver a superior pre-show planning and prep experience and unmatched on-site service​ ​


Our suite of technology tools ensures the most effective and efficient exhibit design, development and deployment experience​


We will bring your exhibit to life with the best video, lighting and sound design and technology solutions​​​


Continuously-improving exhibit experiences is the goal – so we’ll capture and analyze visitor data to recommend how to best engage your audiences​

Supply Chain

By managing the exhibiter supply chain, The Expo Group provides one stop, turn-key service making life easier for the exhibitor​

We’ve Got This​

Our team of designers work with you to develop an attendee journey that creates a seamless branding experience that aligns spaces with structures. ​

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