With a focus on audience
engagement, we deliver actionable
ideas that can be easily measured.

Why Level 5?

Level 5 brings a concentrated focus to a new level of engagement allowing our clients to deliver an ever-improving event experience to their audiences.


“We are in the twilight of a society based on data. As information and intelligence become the domain of computers, society will place new value on the one human ability that can’t be automated: emotion. Imagination, myth, ritual — the language of emotion — will affect everything from our purchasing decisions to how well we work with others.”

--Rolf Jensen, “The Dream Society”

Our Take

We believe that society has entered a post information age where attendees wants and needs are changing. It’s more about emotion, storytelling and meaning.

From sales meetings and user conferences to consumer marketing and mobile tours to global capital campaign launches for the world’s most prestigious universities, Level5 helps propel our clients into the fifth era of human society- “The Imagination Age”.

The Live Experience

From large-scale live special events, internal corporate programs, to global capital campaign launches for the world’s leading universities, consumer programs, sports marketing initiatives and immersive brand experiences.

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